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Well, this is the new format of my Blog- it is now part of a ‘static’ homepage, and contains a ‘Contact Us’ page, an ‘About Us page, And a page for my weekly Blogs; which you are reading now. I like the new format, as the former version was a little untidy. I also looking at new ways to make it more visually appealing- perhaps with different ‘categories’ for my posts.

This has been an interesting week in this e-publishing course, and only two assignments left to complete.


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Week 8 reflection: Lulu

More on week 8: http://www.Lulu.com

There is an interesting discussion taking, place on the RMIT e-publishing board in regards to www.Lulu.com . Mine is the first post, and the others are responses to it.

“ In regards to lulu.com, obviously many amateur authors/artists who couldn’t get their work published elsewhere, or had great difficulty getting published,  would be very interested in using lulu.com. Also, many people who never thought of publishing their art in this manner could be interested. The question is: how many people are going to use lulu.com and purchase books? Did anyone else notice that there are some ‘regular’ books available for sale on Lulu – such as Harry Potter books? I suppose these are available to ‘draw in’ customers who wouldn’t otherwise be interested in ‘amateur’ authors.”

(Harley MacDonald, RMIT e-publishing Discussion Board)


“Lulu is just another source of self-published fiction on the net, with the added option of being able to purchase a properly-bound hard copy version of the text.

But non-fiction work (health books, biographies, history) could be less popular, particularly as a book need not be edited be a professional in that area for the book to be published.  I’d see it as akin to purchasing book-length wikipedia articles in some cases – maybe good as a general guide but I wouldn’t count on its accuracy.  I’d hope an editor got to look over Essentials of Cataract Surgery before it went on sale… “ (Zac HOLLY RMIT e-publishing Discussion Board) http://blackboard.rmit.edu.au/webapps/portal/frameset.jsp?tab=courses&url=/bin/common/course.pl?course_id=_82835_1

“With more people buying books online, Lulu could just become another online retailer for people to buy reading material from. When I first looked at the site I thought it was designed to be used just by people publishing their own work, but like others doing this course, I was surprised that you can purchase established titles available for purchase elsewhere online and in bookshops. I think readers will happily buy from Lulu and it could become known as a place to find new and interesting writing. It just needs to be reviewed positively somewhere, in print or online, to encourage more people to use it.”

(David Nicholas BRADLEY RMIT e-publishing Discussion Board)


“I think the fact that this site offers both self-published works and published works could actually be quite deceptive. What happens if I think I’m buying a good quality text (something Harry Potter-like) and I wind up with something that hasn’t been through an editing process? This isn’t limited to Lulu, really. I bought a book from Book Depository the other day that had spelling mistakes in the first few pages and the BLURB! Maybe the line between publishing and self-publishing is becoming less clear?” (Romany Charlotte MANUELL RMIT e-publishing Discussion Board)


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week 7 reflection

Playing with Paint Shop Pro was fun and interesting – I found the abiltiy to compress images quite sueful. Obviously this can be utilised to ‘shrink’ the file size for faster downloading or transmitting, especially on a web site.  You can see the comparison in file size versus clarity in my earlier week 7 task  post.

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I. Craig, et al. (2007). `Do open access articles have greater citation impact? A critical review of the literature’. Journal of Informetrics 1(3):239-248.

Date of submission: 16/9/10

Tags : Open_access and online_publishing

I chose these tags, because obviously this article is about Open Access and online_publishing.

This article is of interest because it examines the relationship between citation impact and Open Access: and finds that Open Access has little or no effect on citations. The article states that further research is needed, however these findings are  a blow to the OA movement (One of the main arguments for Open Access is that OA will increase the number of people reading articles, and thus increase citation impact). Therefore this article is of relevance.

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Creating a photobook via Lulu was quite easy, and fast- the process was very simlpe, and it was easy to adjust the finished result. I have posted a link that should (hopefully!) take you took my photobook containing pictures of my family, our pets, and some photos of overseas holidays (Paris, France is there).

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topic 8: Lulu.com

Lulu.com is a Self-publishing website, that enable artists and authors  to publish their own Print On Demand books or music. You can buy, publish, and sell on this site.  It has a forum, blogs, and newsletters- creating a community of like mided people, all here to produce and sell their books and music.

It allows you to:

“Go ahead, unleash your inner creator.

Just upload your manuscript, photos or digital files, use our formatting tools to get everything set up just the way you want, from size to binding to cover art, and… well, that’s it. You’re the proud parent of a brand new digital creation, ready to publish and cherish. The publishing process couldn’t be easier

Set free your inner media mogul.

Lulu gives you all sorts of ways to sell your fabulous new creation to the whole wide world – you set your own price, we print and ship each item as it’s ordered, and you collect 80% of the creator revenue on every sale.

And while you’re at it, make some friends

Lulu is more than just great and big. It’s also a great, big community of creators (over a million strong and counting) – the largest community of its kind in the world, as a matter of fact. Talk to others about their experiences with the book publishing process. You’ll find authors of every sort, artists of every stripe, photographers of every variety, all sharing ideas, answering questions, and creating a welcoming atmosphere that makes Lulu feel like home. Get advice from others about marketing your book. With more than 700 groups targeted to specific interests, there’s sure to be one (or dozens) that’s a perfect fit. “

(www.lulu.com 2010)

This is a very interesting concept- but will it catch on? Currently there are over 700,000 books and over 200,000  textbooks in different categories, ready for sale. It would be good to see some sales figures, but I couldnt find these on the website- perhaps they are commercially sensitive, and not publicly available?

Also, I noted that there was a Harry Potter book for sale on this site- so it is not just amateur authors here, the site also has some established ‘traditional’-style  authors with books for sale here, perhaps to lure in more customers, who wouldnt otherwise be interested in amateur authors.

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T. F. Frandsen (2009). `The effects of open access on un-published documents: A case study of economics working papers’. Journal of Informetrics 3(2):124-133.

Date of submission: 16/9/10




I chose the above tags for obvious reasons: this article is about Open Access of economic work papers.

This is an interesting article examining Open Access on un-published documents: focusing on economics working papers. This is a useful article to read, as it concludes that there is no evidence of Open Access advantage in this case study, which is a blow to the Open Access argument.

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